Summer will be here in a few months. When it does arrive, you'll probably be taking off on vacation. If you haven't serviced your car yet, you need to make arrangements as soon as possible. Here are four maintenance tips to make sure your car is ready for vacation.

Have Your Brakes Pads Replaced

Before you leave for vacation, you need to have your brake pads replaced, especially if it's been a while since you had your brakes serviced. Problems with your brakes can lead to serious troubles during your vacation. A new set of brake pads will ensure that you have the stopping power you need to avoid accidents and injuries. While you're having your brake pads replaced, be sure to have the rest of your brake system inspected. You may need to have some work done on the drums and rotors at the same time.

Replaced Your Old Tires

If you've been postponing the replacement of your tires because you think you have enough tread left, you need to stop procrastinating. This is particularly important if you're planning a long road trip this summer. During the summer, the asphalt can really heat up, which will lead to additional tread wear on your tires. If you don't have enough tread life left, you could end up with a blowout while you're on vacation. Avoid that risk by having your tires replaced prior to the start of your vacation.

Give Your Radiator Some Attention

High seasonal temperatures can wreak havoc on your cars cooling system. If you haven't had your cooling system serviced in a few years, have that taken care of before you go on vacation. You need your cooling system to be running at maximum efficiency while you're on vacation. Having your radiator flushed and refilling the system with fresh coolant will help you avoid overheating while you're traveling this summer. This step is particularly beneficial if you'll be traveling through the desert or over steep inclines during your summer travels.

Change Those Aging Hoses

If you have an older model car, and you haven't changed the hoses in a while, now's the time to take care of that. Over time, hoses can become dried out and rigid. When that happens, engine fluids can't pass through properly. Not only that but worn out hoses are more prone to leaks and ruptures. Reduce the risk of breakdowns by having your hoses replaced before summer arrives.

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