You're driving along the road when suddenly you get a scent of burning. It is faint at first, but then it gets stronger and stronger, and it clearly isn't anything outside. What could that smell mean and does it mean you need to get to a garage now? Here are four of the most common reasons for that burning smell.

Burning the Clutch

This is one of the most common reasons for a manual car. If you do a lot of gear changing, struggle to find the biting point or have your foot on the clutch for too long, you will start to burn the face off and this makes the clutch slip. This has a scent of burning paper, and can lead to further damage to the clutch and car. The best thing to do is learn how to use the clutch properly.

Overusing the Brakes

Another common problem is with the brakes. When you constantly use them or you need to use them very hard, you will cause more friction on the system and this starts to create a burning smell. Once every now and then isn't going to do much harm, but if you smell burning brakes on a regular basis, you will need to get them fixed as it can lead to a bigger problem. The smell is usually likea burnt carpet.

The Drive Belts

Ever get a scent of burning rubber in your car? It's easy to think that it's heat on the tires, but this is wrong. This is often due to drive belts that are slipping or due to hoses that have become loose and rub on the pulleys. You'll need to fix these issues quickly, as they can cause other problems down the line. Avoid fixing when the car is still hot, because the rubber will burn.

Engine Coolant Leaking

Sometimes you'll get a smell of syrup. No, you haven't spilt your shopping in the back. This is a sign that your engine coolant is leaking. Without this, the cooling system is compromised and you could end up with an overheating car. You'll be able to see if this happens because the thermostat on your dashboard will rise. You can add more coolant, but you will also need to find out from where the leak is coming.

There are many different smells drivers get. Burning smells mean that something is wrong in most cases, or that you need to change your driving style. Think about the scents to see what your car is telling you. For assistance, talk to a professional like KMF Automotive Ltd auto repair.